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on the cheap plastic deck chair

August 23, 2015


i’m folded into myself

on the cheap plastic deck chair–

an ocean wave

majestic crest bloomed

and rolling inward.

i’m trying to choose what to focus on:

the science of stars, texture of air,

chaos and ethics,

the effect of chaos on ethics,

a man’s touch/a woman’s touch


don’t tell me not to cry

my body is decaying as we speak

soon no one will want to look at it

and then no one will remember

that it ever existed.

the people i speak to everyday

will leave

or i will leave them.


each moment begins with a


dense with tragedy and sin

silver threads tangled like moonlight

ghosts of primal fear

my shoulders tense and

my heartbeat quick as a summer storm

quivering through the skies:

then the shadow loosens into

a fine kind of glittery dust

lucid with eyes that

see into the dark.


From → poetry

  1. Melissa permalink

    this is a very mature poem. it is sad and deep and plunging.

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